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atom bomb by annex bikini nuclear test mushroom cloud explosion photo art print bikini atoll  bikini island  marshall islands the-cold-war iconic-war-photographs

Atom Bomb by Annex Bikini Nuclear Mushroom Cloud Explosion Art Print


$24.95 USD

Test Baker established the first underwater nuclear explosion where a 23 kiloton device was detonated, taking place at the Bikini Atoll lagoon on Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. The underwater cloud contaminated ships with radioactive water than had been predicted and Bikini Atoll is still unlivable to this day.

Title: Atom Bomb

Fine art print on heavy weight, 100 lb semi-gloss cover stock. Each print measures 12 inches x 18 inches (30.5 cm x 45.5 cm). Print is individually wrapped and stamped on back. Authorized dealer of Annex Art Company's fine products.

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