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Alchemy Gothic Victorian Steampunk Decorative Skull Home Decor

Alchemy Gothic

$55.95 USD

  • Galvanized medieval skull
  • H: 5.12 x W: 6.02 x D: 8.66 in (H: 13 x W: 15.29 x D: 22 cm)
  • Designed in England. Made in China
  • Resin
  • Boxed
Extremely detailed steampunk skull with a secret side drawer. Fashioned after medieval London's Hospital of St. Mary of Bethlehem's, later known at Bethlehem Hospital, scientific studies in which electricity was used in an attempt to bring the dead to life. Bedlam Hospital was called a palace of lunatics and was open to tourists who wished to view the insane. The asylum's name was slurred to Bedlam and the word bedlam became a word for insanity in popular speech. The institution was so well known that it was referred to in literature of the period including Shakespeare's plays. Packaged in a Alchemy branded box with full color product label.